How to Send Sympathy Flowers to Perth: Your Guide to Etiquette and Buying

Sending sympathy flowers, no matter your location, or their destination, can be tricky. Before you send flowers, you will want to know what kind to send, when they are appropriate, your options for ordering, and more. The last thing you want to do is cause more grief for the family at a time like this. If you follow our simple guide, here, you should be good to go. You can send sympathy flower to Perth (or anywhere, really) in confidence:

Are Flowers Right?

First, you should determine if flowers are right for the occasion. Sympathy flowers normally go directly to the family member of the deceased. They do not go to the funeral home, or the cemetery. Some religions (like Judaism) prefer gift baskets to sympathy or funeral flowers. Some arrangements (with religious iconography) may not be appropriate for all religions. In some families, cultures, and religious traditions, traditional colours of mourning and purity, such as white and pink, may be more appropriate. Feel free to send sympathy flowers to love-ones in Perth to express your deepest condolences if you knew them, but not the deceased, so well. They can be a co-worker, family, or a neighbour. You can even send them to loved ones if the obituary for the deceased said “in-lieu of flowers”. If in doubt, ask a family member.


Choose the Appropriate Design

As mentioned above, correct design is appropriate. There are a few more things you want to take into consideration when sending sympathy flowers. Normally, large, showy wreaths and sprays (like funeral flowers) are not appropriate. Some people would rather receive a plant (which goes on living) as opposed to cut flowers. Others are perfectly fine with any arrangement, and are very appreciative.

Gathered Required Information

Before you order the sympathy flowers from any florist or service, you want to gather the required information. Think about what arrangement you want. Then, be sure to get the address and contact information for the person you are sending sympathy flowers for. Be sure to write down and think about what to write on the card for the flowers. If you need help writing the card, or choosing the correct arrangement, your florist can help. They cannot, however, help you with the address and contact info for the family member. You also need to have your method of payment handy before you place an order with anyone.

Where to Purchase Sympathy Flowers

You can purchase sympathy flowers from several places, depending upon your location, how far they will ship, and more. Normally, the easiest way to buy sympathy flowers is by going to a local florist who can ship or deliver your order, or by looking online. For information about the florists and services in your area, look in your local yellow and white pages, or check your directory. You may also ask an operator for help. Online is another great place to start your search from, as you can learn about both florists and delivery services.

Send Sympathy Flowers Several Ways

Even some physical florists allow customers to order online. You can now send sympathy flowers using the phone, ordering through this webpage at, by faxing in a request to a physical florist, or even by sending an email. Ordering is simpler than ever with the internet, even if you are a world away. Although you cannot walk into the physical shop and see the flowers in the way, there may be photographs of the arrangements available on the services’ or florist’s website. Start your research today, and remember our above tips. By doing this, you can choose the correct method and flowers for you.

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