An Easy Way to Send Funeral Flowers Back Home in Perth

Unfortunately, I was half a world away when my father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. I wasn’t able to make it home for the funeral because I’m a sailor and we were deployed in another part of the world out at sea. Once I received the news, I decided to send some flowers to the funeral home, but I wasn’t sure how to do so from so far away. I went online and found this website for which I will be eternally grateful. It made ordering flowers so easy and quick to do.

funeral flowers

Deliveries to Perth, Western Australia

I wondered if I could send funeral flowers to Perth from half a world away, even if it was through the Internet. I decided to give it a shot and figured out the time difference before placing the order. The site said they would deliver flowers the same day if the order came in by 2 pm, Monday to Friday and by noon on Saturdays. By my calculations, the funeral was the next day and I had enough time to order an arrangement and have it sent to the funeral home.

It was easy to order online with this florist. I simply picked the flowers and paid with my credit card and that was all that needed to be done. I picked out an arrangement in the shape of a cross. It had white carnations forming the cross and I thought it would be nice. My sister emailed me the night of the funeral and said it was a lovely arrangement and that our mother left it at our father’s grave. I was glad the flowers looked as good as they did on the site and that they arranged well before the funeral started.

Easy Site to Use

I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to order flowers online, but the site made it a snap. They had a page that helped answer the questions I had about ordering flowers through them. They had so many selections it was almost overwhelming. I decided to go back on the site the next day and I ordered sympathy flowers to my Mum, letting her know I was with her in spirit even though I was halfway around the world from her.

The company did a good job with the funeral flower delivery in Perth. I won’t hesitate to use this site again.

Posted by Andrew P.


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